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Prim and Polished

November 6, 2010

Nail polish is the absolute best accessory. It comes in literally every color of the rainbow, therefore you’re going to find a color you love. With your nails trimmed and polished, it can really even pull a look together. You can easily paint them yourself, or treat yourself to a little pampering at the spa. At about an average of $7 per bottle compared to around $25 for a manicure, I’m more of a do-it-yourself kind of girl. Plus, whenever I get them done professionally, I somehow end up ruining them within 15 minutes of leaving the spa.

Because I’ve developed quite an obsession with nail polish, my collection is constantly and rapidly expanding. My favorite color at the moment? OPI’s “Over the Taupe.” It’s the perfect neutral fall color that’s trendy, modern, and practical.

*Tip: If you’re painting on a color, make sure you use a clear polish for the first coat. It prevents the colored polish from staining your nails!

OPI’s “Over the Taupe”

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